FAQ for Participating Schools

How does Rice Splash work?

After getting into contact with us and letting us know how many students and chaperones you are interested in bringing, we will email a catalog of available classes the students can choose by late January or early February. Students will fill out an online form listing their class preferences. We will then assign the students into classes based on their preferences. On the day of Splash, students will pick up their schedules and campus maps and be directed to the three classes they will take. Traditionally, following the classes in the morning, we have hosted an optional college panel for the students. Details to come for the upcoming year’s Splash program.

Who organizes Rice Splash?

Rice Splash is a student-led organization– our admin team and teachers are all Rice students. Our faculty sponsor is Dr. Robert Lundin, who has worked as a Student Support Officer with HISD for a number of years.

Who can participate in Rice Splash?

5th to 8th graders are eligible to participate. We specifically target students who come from underserved backgrounds in the local Houston area.

How many students can I bring?

While we don’t have a cap on the number of students you can bring from your school, 50 to 100 students from one school is a typical number. We had roughly 500 students signed up in total for Rice Splash 2017.

What will I need to organize? Will lunch be provided for the students?

Unfortunately we don’t have enough in our budget to provide lunch for each student. We ask that schools organize lunches, chaperones, and transportation for the students while our Rice Splash admin team will handle the rest of logistics.

Will there be things to do for chaperones?

Chaperones are free to accompany their students to the classes, and many chaperones equally enjoy sitting in on the classes.

How do I participate in Rice Splash?

If you are a school administrator or teacher interested in bringing your students to our Rice Splash program, please fill out this online form by January 20th, 2018.

If you have more questions not found on this FAQ page, please email ricesplash@gmail.com. 

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