FAQ for Rice Students

How can I get involved with Rice Splash?

We need both teachers and volunteers in order to make Splash happen! You can teach your own class, or if you would rather help out behind the scenes, we’d be happy to have you volunteer on the day of Splash (guiding students to the classes, check-in, set-up, clean up).

If I sign up to teach, what can I teach?

You can teach just about anything you’re passionate about or know a lot about as long as it’s appropriate for 5th to 8th grade! Example category of past classes range from sciences, engineering, languages, art, dance, music, math, and psychology. We’ve also had college teachers adapt their lesson plans for middle schoolers (ex: “How Music Plays the Brain” and “Intro to Disney Imagineering.”)

Are co-teachers allowed?

Yes! You may have co-teachers, and in the past we’ve had members from clubs like BMES and Red Cross involved in teaching with at least one club member as the point person/ main teacher.

How are classes structured?

If you sign up to teach, you are committing to teach three sections of a 50 minute class (approximately 9 AM to 12 PM). We send all teachers lesson-plan outlines as guidelines of how to structure their classes so that the classes are engaging and interactive for the students!

What kind of training do teachers receive?

Teachers will go through an orientation (approximately 1 hr meeting) on how to prepare for their classes and structure their lesson plans. In addition, our admin team will host office hours and teacher practice sessions to help our teachers prepare for their classes.

Will I need to purchase my own supplies?

Nope! We will purchase supplies on your behalf as long as it’s reasonably priced. If you need a very specific type of supply, we will ask you to send us an Amazon link of the supply ahead of time so we can purchase the supply for you.

If you would like to be part of our mailing list, please send us an email at ricesplash@gmail.com! 

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